Saturday, October 19, 2013

Making Soap From Scratch: From Bar Soaps to Liquid Soaps, You Will Never Run Out!



This book will explore the different ways to make soaps from liquid hand soaps to cold process soaps and everything in between.

All of these soaps can be stored for weeks before use and is actually recommended for the best use. The soaps in this book all have moisturizing properties such as shea butter or cocoa butter in the recipe. You will find that the essential oils add to these soaps gives them a nice scent.

Get ready to enjoy your homemade soaps!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Green Smoothie Magic: Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies for Every Day

Green Smoothie Magic

This Green Smoothie Magic book is the perfect book for everything green smoothie. All of the recipes are easy to make and you will learn how to pair delicious flavors to create smoothies you want to drink over and over again. This book explores recipes that are sweet, full of health benefits and also kid friendly. Enjoy your next green smoothie the way you deserve to.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Food in Jars: From Jellies to Jams and Lunches to Desserts

Food in Jars: From Jellies to Jams and Lunches to Desserts


This book will explore different meal ideas for canning and placing meals in jars. These meals are all convenient and can be stored in the freezer and used for later. You have probably experienced times where you just make too many servings and they do not all get eaten. This book will help solve that problem.

Canning and placing foods in jars is easy and you will find that it helps reduce messes and also allows you to take your food on the go with you. Don’t miss out on this book which includes banana nut bread in a jar and even chocolate lava cakes in a jar!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Traditions of South Korean Cooking: Learning the Basic Techniques and Recipes of the South Korean Cuisine


When you think of Korean food, kimchi and beef stew are most likely the ones that would pop into your head first. Beyond the popular notions of what South Korean food is, their traditional, home-cooking cuisine is actually a glimpse of what South Korea is. A beautiful country blessed with four distinct seasons, their taste in food is a reflection of that and more. This is part of the traditions of real and authentic Korean cooking.

Let "Traditions of South Korean Cooking: Learning the Basic Techniques and Recipes of the South Korean Cuisine" guide you through your journey into the authentic Korea cuisine. Packed with simple recipes, tips, and a little history, this book is your ultimate guide in the fascinating – and delicious! - world of South Korean cooking.

Mediterranean Diet: A Medically Recognized Diet For a Healthy Lifestyle.


Mediterranean Diet has been in existence for decades and even centuries plus it has been medically proven to be a healthy way of dieting. It helps prevent and control type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

If you are looking for new food recipes, then this is the perfect book for you as it has lots of exotic and extraordinary food items yet can easily be recreated in a novice’s kitchen! So, have fun creating yummy and healthy meals for yourself or the family.

Yummy Pops: Quick, Unique and Surprising Pops Recipes


This Yummy Pops: Quick, Unique and Surprising Pops Recipes e-book is a treasure trove of helpful tips when it comes to creating great cake pops. We have meticulously explained the details of creating cake pops and added helpful tips to help you create the perfect cake pops without the need for trial and error! What’s more, this e-book recipe has a multitude of base cake recipes for pops that you can mix and match with frostings for a delightful and surprising treat!

Do you have an unannounced gathering tomorrow? What to serve, what to prepare? This cake pop e-book recipe is also filled with a step by step cake pop designs that are suitable for all occasions, too! Creating yummy pastries is now a breeze with this helpful e-book recipe.


The Healthy Juicer's Bible: You're Quick and Simple Guide To Fruit and

Juicing is not only popular in niche markets but it is one of the most effective ways in making people live healthier lives. 

There are tons of information of juicing that you can find in the internet but if you are looking for reliable information about juicing, then this e-book is for you. 

With this e-book, not only will you learn about the health benefits as well as helpful tips in juicing but this book will also teach you great and healthful juicing recipes that you can easily try at home. 

Happy juicing!